History of FCPS –I

The first name of this School was Mizha Gohar Public School, established in 1962 under the supervision of South Waziristan Scouts at Lower Camp Wana. Later on, the School was renamed as Scouts Public School and was upgraded from Primary level to Middle Level in 1982. It was further upgraded to Secondary level in 1989 and the same year, it was affiliated with Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Bannu. In 2007 B.I.S.E D.I.Khan established the School was affiliated with it. A notification regarding change of nomenclature in respect of all FC Schools was issued by HQFC in 2009. So, the School was once again renamed as “Frontier Corps Public School No.1 Wana”. In 2015, the School was affiliated with Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad. It is a welfare project run by SWS giving Quality Education to local and FC wards. It has limited resources but HQ SWS is provding every assistance related to enhancing education.

History of FCPS –II

It was established in 1995 as Army Public School at Upper camp Wana. The School was upgraded from Middl to Secondary level in 2001. The School was affiliated with Federal Board of intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad 2002. The School was renamed as Frontier Corps Public School No.2 Wana in 2009, as a result of HQFC notification regarding change of nomenclature.

The School is a welfare project run by South Waziristan Scouts with limited source of income. Its aim is to impart modern education to our young generation. This institution has acquired the services of a person having deep devotion to cause of national interest, bearing energetic and enthusiastic qualities. Persons who have the capabilities of accepting the day to day challenges can better improve the standard of education, which is the most desired factor on the part of teachers as well as higher management.

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