Initially this school was run by AQ Khan School System. In ICt 2015 due to some complications, the School was taken on charge by HQFC and renamed as FCPS Ckd. School was started by SHN, Confronting numerous problems, only 3 classes i.e Nur, KG & Ist with total number of 36 stds and 3 x teachers.

People of the locality were highly inclined towards the school, by admission were refused in higher classes due to certain limitation. School’s faculty and Adm Staff worked enthusiastically and made tremendous contributions for success of this institution. New session was started w.e.f 15th Mach 2017. Realizing ground challenges, HQFC released funds to improve infrastructure / renovation of the school. On showing satisfactory results now school;s strength in 85 from PG to Class 3rd and 7 x teachers.

Furthermore 7 x new washrooms were constructed establishing Computer Lab, Activity Hall, Activity Room and all class rooms including officers have been renovated. New furnniture was purchased for class rooms, Offices, Computer Lab etc. Besides Infrastructure curricular and extracurricular activities are paid particular attention. SHN has provided logistic support for the progress of the school inspite of meager resources and adm staff, the school has made praiseworthy progress. FCPS Ckd is a milestone in education Sector of the area amd has applied new scientific ways of imparting quality education.

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