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Frontier Corps not only maintaining law and order in FATA but it also plays an important role in providing quality education to the student of KP in general, PATA and FATA in particular.

First ever school under the auspicious of Frontier Corps was established in 1964 as Khyber Rifle school in Landikotal. By the grace of Allah Almighty and dedication of our teaching staff and parents trust in our education system has enabled us to establish 16 branches. 270 teachers including 122 female teachers are imparting quality education to over 1100 students besides providing employment opportunities to number of locals in different categories who are sole bread earners of their families.

All the schools of Frontier Corps Public School have same knowledge & skill based curriculum and all branches are interlinked with well developed IT system. It is the first over IT linked educator venture launched in FATA & PATA by any organization and Frontier Corps has the honour of being pioneer.

A Regional Coordinator office was created to manage and coordinate all the activities of Frontier Corps Public Schools under the ambit of Frontier Corps.

Frontier Corps Public School promotes and encourage co-curricular activities in its all branches. Students are encouraged to learn new skills, take responsibilities, assume leadership, character and personality building are the hall mark of our schools.

Frontier Corps Public School of today is much more than just a stand-alone school with rigorous standards, up to date curriculum of teaching skills, it has brought education with reach of every student.